The song of trees

The crack of branches bent too far The rustle of leaves spring, summer or fall The soprano of limbs rubbing The groan of trunks bending in a gale The gentle kiss of leaves falling on the ground The fizz of wind through pine The quake of a storm through aspen The flap of a breeze… Continue reading The song of trees


Forest Bathing for Carers

"Not knowing what to expect I found the forest bathing session a wonderful experience. The delicious forest tea and biscuits in the heated tipi was the perfect ending. Camilla and Mark made everyone feel relaxed and welcome and the combination of a guided mindful walk, helping us tune into nature, along with their woodland know… Continue reading Forest Bathing for Carers

A very short, late history of nature, seclusion and the sufficiency of Self

The Early Modern period (roughly 15th to 18th C) saw a significant growth in the idea of solitude in nature and an interest in the State of Nature. For pioneering Natural Philosophers such as Francis Bacon the revolutionary idea that observation of nature itself, rather than reliance on ancient authorities provided the best foundation for… Continue reading A very short, late history of nature, seclusion and the sufficiency of Self

Certified Forest Bathing Leader Course

We are delighted to offer a certified course training those who wish to become Forest Bathing Leaders. The course will run this autumn (September/October/November) and will be fully certificated. The course will run over three weekend blocks (from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon) with independent study and practice between sessions. There will be an evaluation… Continue reading Certified Forest Bathing Leader Course