An Ode to Urtica

Sometimes it is just worth slowing down for a moment and appreciating a single plant. A plant worth pondering is the much-maligned stinging nettle. I have chosen this plant because holds a notorious reputation, and fear, in the young and the old. It maybe because of this that we rush past this plant on our… Continue reading An Ode to Urtica


Why are trees good for us?

How trees affect our mental and physical health is becoming increasingly well documented – but this article asks the deeper question of why? It began with knowledge that trees take the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and convert it to oxygen as part of their own respiration. Trees ‘clean’ air for us to breathe… Continue reading Why are trees good for us?

Nature: treating chronic pain

People’s increasing disconnect with the natural environment has widespread implications for wellness. Chronic conditions are increasing on a worrying trajectory; pain is exacerbated by stress and this can create the conditions for long term pain. Reducing stress on our bodies, including through nature-based practices, have been proven to reduce chronic pain and consequently provide a… Continue reading Nature: treating chronic pain

A very short, late history of nature, seclusion and the sufficiency of Self

The Early Modern period (roughly 15th to 18th C) saw a significant growth in the idea of solitude in nature and an interest in the State of Nature. For pioneering Natural Philosophers such as Francis Bacon the revolutionary idea that observation of nature itself, rather than reliance on ancient authorities provided the best foundation for… Continue reading A very short, late history of nature, seclusion and the sufficiency of Self