What we do on our introductory walks

Our Forest Bathing exercises are drawn from a huge variety of sources: from the cutting edge current right back into the dawn of our ancestry. It is all but impossible to gift anyone but a slight taste of the possible uses and benefits of the practice. However, all sessions - no matter now advanced or… Continue reading What we do on our introductory walks


Five minute fires and mindfulness

We have just discovered a very old clip of Mr dBL and one of our bambinos taking a forest walk early in the morning, making a fire by rubbing sticks together (!), brewing a quick wayfarer's tea, safely putting the fire out and leaving no trace. A great example of mindful flow through lighting and… Continue reading Five minute fires and mindfulness

Certified Forest Bathing Leader Course

We are delighted to offer a certified course training those who wish to become Forest Bathing Leaders. The course will run this autumn (September/October/November) and will be fully certificated. The course will run over three weekend blocks (from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon) with independent study and practice between sessions. There will be an evaluation… Continue reading Certified Forest Bathing Leader Course

Nature: workplace wellbeing

We all know the headlines: Stress Kills. What many don’t necessarily know, especially outside leadership teams, organisational development departments and occupational health advisers is the sheer scale of the problem. Stress is the single most important player in sickness absence. In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive reports that nearly 12 million days are lost due… Continue reading Nature: workplace wellbeing

Dr Kellas (R Coll of Psyc) speaks of nature-based therapies as part of the mental health service.

Dr Kellas is the Nature-based Mental Healthcare and Green Spaces Representative for the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In a recent interview (link) for BBC Radio 4 by the assistant Editor of the Spectator, Isabel Hardman, he outlines the imperative of using nature not only to help build a sustainable mental health service but: 'the most important thing… Continue reading Dr Kellas (R Coll of Psyc) speaks of nature-based therapies as part of the mental health service.