Because we spend so much time in the woods and are professional foragers of nature we constantly craft boutique and bespoke items that we sell or in order to support the core work of our social enterprise. We are currently working on a range of very bespoke items. These products are at the boutique end of boutique!

The aim of all these products is not only to showcase the beauty of wild nature but to provide a memory and connection with it. If you have been on one of our sessions you might want to take something in addition to your memories away with you. These items and those like it all go to support our work as a social enterprise that is reconnecting people with nature to nurture.

Craft Forest Gin Kit (sold out – more on way)

An ideal gift for anyone who likes craft gin. Just add vodka in a couple of days sip your own craft gin. We have combined some traditional gin ingredients with hand foraged forest herbs to give a unique but delicious forest gin using the traditional ‘cold compound’ or bath tub method. £15 plus P&P. For more details follow this link


Wild Forest Tea (sold out – more on way)

A wild and natural blend of Douglas Fir, Mint (Water and Spear), Pineapple Mayweed, Bilberry and Bramble Leaf. All foraged from our local forests whilst forest bathing. We use this blend in our tea ceremonies. Available as a loose tea (£6.50 per 100gms) and as tea bags (20, individually tied, unbleached, £8) all + P&P.



‘The Woodsman’ Original Beard Oil – £8.95

A very nourishing forest inspired beard oil designed and hand-blended by our resident woodsman. Click here for more information.

DSC_2880-02 (1)

Rapunzel Hair Oil

An enriched blend of conditioning sweet almond oil, rose geranium, frankincense and myrrh. Perfect for maidens locked in a tower or not! £8.95 plus P&P

Aquafolium: The Face Tightener (sold out – more on way)

Fresh, untreated mineral water from a sacred spring drawn deep in the woods. The water has been filtered and uv treated then infused with fresh English, Penduculate, Luccombe and Holm Oak leaves. Pure, simple, effective for toning and tightening skin. This is currently out of stock.


Aquafolium: Cold Compound Gin

This gin uses a ultra premium neutral base spirit to which is added in the traditional method of ‘cold compounding’ or ‘bath tub’. All ingredients are foraged and harvested from local sources: juniper, lavender, rosemary, melissa, douglas fir, norway spruce, wild alexanders, wild cecily and a dozen other wild herbs. This spirit has a lovely forest green tint to it and is very dry. We have also created an oak-aged version too called Forn. This is currently not for sale.


The Aquafolium Spoon

At our heart we are Holly. Here is a wonderful ‘heirloom’ spoon made from Holly harvested from an ancient and sacred grove on Midsummer Solstice. The point during the year when the Holly King defeats the Oak King. £100


The Aquafolium Ring

A fantastic devotion ring made from Holly and harvested at midnight on midsummer. We also carve rings from other woods that are linked to your Celtic birth tree / zodiac. These can be worn on fingers but are best kept on a chain around neck. £50


Boxwood Collar Stiffeners

A stealthy bit of sartorial elegance hidden in your formal shirts are initialled (by pyrography) boxwood stiffeners or ‘bones’. Harvested from a beautiful and massive boxwood shrub hidden from view in a valley so no one has seen this tree in generations – except us. £25 per pair.


Spruce Beer

America’s Oldest Beer Style – original recipe came from the annals of the Hudson Bay Trading Company. We have updated this but kept it simple. Fresh spruce leaves and buds, high in vitamin C, made with molass-rich treacle, forest spring water and our own special strain of yeast. That’s it. Almost a health tonic! This is not currently for sale.

spruce beer

Traditional oak gall ink

We harvest the finest oak galls from ancient Dartmoor woodland and transform them with the use of antique iron forged on Dartmoor too. We not only enjoy the foraging, which takes keen observational skills but also the act of taking from the tree, transforming it into ink and then writing poetry (we write our forest Haikus with it) or art using wild collected feather quills. This completes the circle of transformation and creativity for us. This ink was used for manuscripts for over fifteen centuries. Writing or painting in the forest is a truly mindful act of creation. 60ml for £9.95 plus P&P