What we offer

We offer a range of nature-based therapeutic activities for people of all ages and abilities for physical and mental well-being. We operate from an evidence-based position, informed by the latest research. Our initiatives have been developed with a combination of field experience, empirical evidence and prototyping to see what works and what people enjoy. We employ high professional standards and conduct research on our initiatives to add to the literature on nature based therapy but also to inform our own practice.

While it is difficult to generalise, for indicative purposes we have found that there are significant benefits from our initiatives which include;

  • 20% increase in happiness
  • 15% increase in focus and concentration
  • lowering blood pressure
  • Participants also report general feelings of wellbeing and focus as well as a lifting of spirits and light-heartedness.

To achieve these benefits we design our work on the convergence of three interactions: Nature, Sensing and Being (Present).



Our senses are the means by which we connect and interpret the world, others and ourselves. Our activities focus on sensory awareness, sensory enhancement, observation, curiosity – seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, hearing and more.


We use the great, nourishing amphitheatre of wild places as the interactive space in which we ground ourselves. Connection with nature is scientifically proven to be essential to our wellbeing. As therapists we create the circumstances, paths and experiences to let nature do its work.

Being Present (Mindfulness)

The essence of all mindfulness practice is letting go of past disappointments and future expectations to fully be present in the moment. We create a permissive space and activities, including Mindfulness, that place you fully in the Present. Its powerful, life affirming stuff

Our sessions and activities are available in different ways; some are commissioned for specific groups by health and wellbeing professionals and some are open to everyone. We make this clear on our ‘what’s on’ page.

Forest Bathing

This is one of our core offerings, inspired by nature immersion in Japan. We take participants on short, mindful walks, appreciating nature. We run these sessions across woodlands in Devon for different groups both as stand alone sessions as well as series at introductory or advanced levels. We are commissioned by Westbank to run forest bathing sessions for carers. We also run open access sessions and regular taster sessions so you can dip a toe and try.

Forest Bathing Practitioners Course

We are very excited to offer the opportunity to train with us to be a forest bathing leader and run your own experiences. The course will be delivered over three weekends (Fri-Sun) and as well as being informative, also offers a wonderful personal experience in nature. As far as we know this is the ONLY certified course in the UK.

The Forest Fellas Project

Most of us know about Men In Sheds, well this is Fellas in the Forest.

Whilst we dislike gender separation as a general principle, we do make some exceptions, especially to encourage more men to focus on their mental health.

This project is aimed at bringing men of all ages (including young men) together to undertake woodland work and activities that strengthen the body and the mind.

Foraging for wellbeing

This is a more developed experience of foraging. Like many foraging sessions this session will include detailed how, what, why of indigenous flora but beyond this the session is also designed to give a greater immersion in nature to improve wellbeing.

Bush Babies

Sessions for infants and their new mothers and or fathers. We are creating a wonderful space and short journey in the woods spending time and gentle practices to bond with your child in a natural environment. You will need to carry your child in a sling for this session.

Woods with words

A morning session exploring the art of creating Haiku inspired by being in the forest.


Our beautiful physical landscapes are also landscapes of the mind. We organise and host day and multi-day excursions that combine meditative and contemplative practice with the use of landscapes. We have run these for a couple of years and have proved very popular. The next one is ‘The Sacred Landscapes of Dartmoor’

Sense of the Forest

We offer sessions with memory cafes to bring the forest to people who would otherwise not experience it. This is a forest immersion with the sensory elements of the forest brought to you, it includes visual prompts, native bird song, tactile elements from nature and forest tea to create an evocative environment.

Talks and Articles

We are happy to talk at Conferences, Events and Festivals about reconnecting with nature to nurture and its importance for modern society. We are also happy to be asked to write about it too. Media enquiries are welcome.