What we offer


We offer a range of nature-based therapeutic activities for people of all ages and abilities for physical and mental well-being.

Forest Bathing, Forest and Nature Therapies. This forms the core of what we do – we take people and hold a space within nature and help facilitate people’s interactions with it for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefit. Read our other pages for more detail. We now also offer a Certified Forest Bathing Leader course, click here.

Forest Bathing Trail Design. We work with landowners and custodians to provide end-to-end solutions for mindful, therapeutic and forest-bathing trail design ensuring increasing levels of immersion, mindfulness and wellbeing benefit.

Urban and Green Space Therapy. The majority of our population live in towns and cities where access to the wild places is limited. We work with those who are interested as well as stakeholders and owners of urban green spaces to design and deliver nature-based benefits in busy or under-utilized urban green settings.

Plant and Wood Therapy. Many people due to ill health or frailty find it very difficult to access nature. We have developed our offering so that if you – or your client group – cannot come to the forest, elements of the forest can come to you. This could be into a residential or care environment. It is evidenced that tactile/somatic, visual and olfactory stimulation provides reduction in stress and anxiety, elevates mood and stimulates memory.

All of these therapies have proven scientific evidence that they contribute to wellbeing.

Generative Space Holding – we are privileged to be exponents of the Theory-U school of thought (developed at MIT/Harvard) and we understand that in order to unlock creativity, especially in the area of creative problem solving, you need a special place to facilitate this process. In our own research we have recorded an average of 20% increase in concentration and energy after a 90 minute session. Could this 20% unlock innovation for your business?

We hold this space for you or your team around a campfire deep in the woods. We tend to your physical and emotional needs by providing light, warmth and an endless supply of hot drinks (provided by the kettle hanging over the campfire). Get in touch for more information.

Talks and Articles – we are happy to talk at Conferences, Events and Festivals about reconnecting with nature to nurture and its importance for modern society. We are also happy to be asked to write about it too. Media enquiries are welcome.